Road Tripping Europe


On the 15th of February 2018 i began my most exciting and ambitious adventure to date; a 9 month road trip around Europe. During this time i, along with my boyfriend Connor, will be attempting to travel through 21 different countries visiting all different regions from remote mountainous areas to the biggest, busiest cities. This trip has been in planning for almost 2 years now and has taken not only a lot of handwork and saving but also a lot more time and planning than we ever could have imagined. Throughout our journeys i will be blogging about each different location we visit and will attempt to give tips, advise and recommendations for anyone who may be interested, or thinking about visiting the country. I will also be talking about the planning of our trip, especially the road trip aspect as this has taken much more preparation than we expected, with certain countries requiring specific things such as international driving permits, green cards, motorway tax stickers and even specific car parts – but that’s for another post. I hope you enjoy reading and that i am able to share my experiences, photos and useful advice for all those who are interested in European travel.

Jenna Bewsher